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What you should know if your home gets damaged by Hurricane Ian

by | Sep 26, 2022 | Firm News, Uncategorized

As Hurricane Ian continues to strengthen in the Caribbean Sea, strong winds, heavy rain and storm surge could impact the Tampa Bay area and other parts of Florida.

While Ian’s path remains uncertain, Blair Hysenlika, property insurance attorney at Hysenlika Law Firm, provides some quick tips and essential information in case your home gets damaged from the impact of this hurricane.

First and foremost, visit your home and assess the damage after you have been advised by local officials that you are safe to leave your shelter. Take photos, note your damage, and immediately contact your insurance company to report the claim and request a copy of your policy.

If your home is not habitable, find a place to stay, jot down your expenses and contact companies to assist in cleaning your home and drying it out if necessary.

If there’s water damage, close the water lines, if there’s minor flooding take steps towards drying the home and looking up companies that can assist you with this process. Do not neglect the damage.

Most importantly stay safe and follow guidelines from your local emergency management officials.

To help guide you through this complicated process, please call attorney Blair Hysenlika at (813) 803-0733 or visit HysenlikaLawFirm.com.

Photo credit: Image by wirestock on Freepik