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Clearwater personal injury attorney, Klodiana Hysenlika, Esq., takes part in community event

by | Nov 18, 2013 | Firm News

Staying involved in the community has always been my top priority. As a young attorney, I feel it’s important to connect with people at events in the Tampa Bay area.

Clearwater personal injury attorney takes part in community event

(Left to Right). Klodiana Hysenlika, Esq., and Jacqlyn Bryant, Esq., attend the St. Pete Bar Young Lawyers Octoberfest

So, I was thrilled to attend the St. Petersburg Bar Young Lawyers Octoberfest on Oct. 26 at the Community Center in St. Petersburg. At the event, I had the chance to connect with many young lawyers.

Klodiana Hysenlika Takes Part in Octoberfest Young Lawyers Event

Klodiana Hysenlika, Esq., attends the St. Pete Bar Young Lawyers Octoberfest

During this lively event, we provided free food for everyone from the famous restaurant in Dunedin, Sea Sea Riders. Our food was such a hit!

Klodiana Hysenlika auto accident attorney

(Left to Right). Klodiana Hysenlika and Bryant at the St. Pete Bar Young Lawyers Octoberfest

The event lasted about three hours, and included live music, food, drinks, and prizes.

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