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How to prepare for a deposition

by | Jul 7, 2016 | Firm News

Many clients ask the question of how to best prepare for a deposition. In a personal injury claim, a deposition is a set of questions asked by an attorney relating to the accident in question. The witness is under oath when answering the questions and any answers provided may be used at trial.

Reading about your case and its facts is not sufficient to prepare for a deposition. So, how does one prepare for a deposition? First, make sure that you understand the rules of a deposition. Some of those rules include:

• Listening to the question being asked prior to blurting out an answer
• Making sure that your answers are verbal answers rather than nods of the head
• Waiting for the attorney to finish the question
• Making sure that no guess answers are given

Second, you have to make sure you are answering any and all questions truthfully. Telling the truth, even if you think it will hurt your case, is the best way to handle any question posed to you in a deposition. This way, there will be no surprises at trial and none of the information you provided at your deposition will be used to show the jury at trial that you have misstated facts under oath.

There are many more details that are important to discuss prior to a deposition, however; they vary based on the facts of your case. It is important to consult with your attorney about any questions you may have prior to your deposition.

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